We have begun all the necessary preparations for planting a new vineyard in January 2013.  It is a 22-acre field from which only the 12 acres will be planted this year.
It is located at "Atsinatos" near our village Dafnes on a slightly sloped hill of north east orientation.
The soil is alkaline and initially was light shaped. After cleaning the vegetation it was deep ploughed and at the end it was flattened and formed a smooth surface.
In the first days of November we marked the field. With the help of a marked string, we placed wooden stakes to define the spots where the new vines will be placed.
The layout of the new vineyard is important and requires a lot of attention.
We took into consideration the ground inclination, the sun's position in relation to plants, the irrigation system, and how to facilitate the use of a tractor. Finally 4000 plants have been marked at distances 1.10 x 2.5.

Grape variety Sauvignon Blanc in Crete, Greece

White variety of French origin which is grown around the world and equally successful in Greek vineyards.


Wine & Food

The harmonious pairing  of food and wine is  important as it  highlights the flavours and increase  the enjoyment.


Recipe for spicy tomato marmalade / jam

It can be combined perfectly with a platter of cretan cheeses and your wine.



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