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Recipe: Risoto with shrimps

Risoto with shrimps
Greek Recipe

For 4 people

Dafnios white dry wine Douloufakis

Combines well with Dafnios white dry wine


1 kgr shrimps
1 glass water
1 small cup of olive oil
1 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup rice Carolina
2 green onions
lemon peel

How to cook risoto with shrimps

1. Wash the shrimps  and remove heads and shells, leaving  the tails. Remove the entrail with a toothpick and boil in water which contains the juice of half a lemon for 8 minutes, until the shrimps go red. Drain them and keep the broth.
2. Put a little oil in a pan, add and saute the onion and rice. Add the broth you have kept, the  lemon peel  and let the rice swell. Add the salt, pepper and some lemon juice.
3. Serve the risotto with the shrimps added.