Douloufakis Collectible Case for Vertical Tasting of Dafnios White
Vertical Wine Tasting of Douloufakis Dafnios White wine

Collectible Case
"Dafnios" White from Vidiano
Vertical Tasting

Great experience | Challenging taste

It seems so interesting how this grape variety has evolved over time, as the fresh fruity aromas morph into butter, dense apricot, melon, wax, but also flintstone notes.

Protected Geographical Indication "CRETE"



The collectible case was released in 2020.

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Dafnios White Dry wine

Serving at a vertical wine tasting of Vidiano

It would be ideal to open at the same time all the bottles, as each bottle is a different year of Vidiano harvest i.e. 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Should be served at a temperature of 9-10°C; You shall start the tasting from the youngest wine to the oldest, so the most fresh wine will be a clear point of comparison. It accompanies fish, white meat, lamb and pulses.

Details about serving Dafnios White

Collectible Case for Vertical Tasting of Vidiano grape variety

Vertical Tasting
"Dafnios" White

We have kept these wines in our cellar in ideal storage conditions, with the aim to offer great quality and enjoyment to those who will taste them.


Dafnios White is vinified with the classic white vinification. The fermentation in stainless steel tanks, at a temperature of 18°C. There is no barrel usage in either fermentation or maturation.



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