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Sparkling Douloufakis, vintage 2020, will be ready after 24 months!

The "Douloufakis Sparkling – Brut" wine is produced using classic method "Traditionelle", in which the secondary fermentation takes place inside the final bottles. This method initially demands a base wine that responds to specific criteria. Those include: low alcohol content, high concentration in acids-low pH and full-body.

After we vinified our base wine from the variety Vidiano (harvest of 2020), we put it through "tirage". This procedure includes the addition of sugars, as well as yeast, in order to have the substrate necessary for the secondary fermentation in the final bottles, which will enrich our sparkling wine naturally with CO2, the characteristic fine bubbles of sparkling wines. The bottles have been positioned horizontally in a chamber of a steady temperature of 16 degrees, where the fermentation is taking place right now, and where the bottles will remain for a total of 24 months. We are monitoring the process of the fermentation through the increasing indications of pressure via a specific pressure-meter.

Discover Sparkling Douloufakis from the Greek variety Vidiano