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Douloufakis Liatiko Vidiano grape wine

"Dafnios" Rosé
Douloufakis Dry wine

Onion Skin Nuanced | Unique Blend | Finessed

Attractive light-pink colour with onion skin nuances. Characteristic aromas of dried jasmine, red fruits and star anise. At the same time, the strong presence of Rainier Cherries aromas keeps the nose very fresh, which is also achieved by the excellent acidity on the palate. Add a few marine and peppery notes here and you'll understand why its vibrancy not only reflexes the thickness of the wine but also dominates in a sophisticated yet gripping ensemble.

Protected Geographical Indication "CRETE"




2022 is the first vintage of "Dafnios" rosé and is another reason to love Liatiko, Vidiano and Dafnes! "Dafnios" derives from the name of our village, Dafnes.

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Dafnios Red Dry wine

Serving Dafnios Rosé wine

Serve at a temperature of 11-13⁰C and it is an excellent accompaniment to Mediterranean cuisine. Pair it with dishes that include tomato, okra with chicken, eggplant Imam bayildi, Greek stuffed vegetables, green beans and olive oil stew, pasta with tomato sauce, but also with pizza margarita or Italian pasta such as arabiata or puttanesca. Try it with creamy textures like the original carbonara. Elevate your enjoyment by pairing it with a lobster pasta, carpaccio or enjoy it on its own.

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Dafnios Rose Wine Vinification

The 20% Vidiano and 80% Liatiko grapes were pressed together. The must was fermented at low temperature and the classic white vinification was followed.

Alcohol : 13.0% vol
Residual sugar: 2.1 gr/lt
Total acidity: 5.6 gr/lt
Total Sulfur: 102 mg/lt
pH: 3.34
Rosé wines generally give their best when fresh. However, you can still enjoy it 2 to 3 years after production.



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