10 useful points on our website


1. Get to know us!

Read a few words about us, the history of our winery, our vineyards, and learn about our island, Crete.

2. Get to know the wines that we produce.

Download the current labels of the wines, photos of our wine bottles and their technical sheets.

3. Read notes by wine professionals around the world about our winery.

View our wine awards and read their rates by internationally recognized wine critics, as well as articles by well-known wine websites and magazines about our winery

4. Try Douloufakis wines.

View how do we do the wine tasting and make an appointment for winery tour and wine tasting.

5. View photos and videos.

View the collection of selected photos and videos about vine cultivation, wine making, areas of the winery, hosted events and exhibitions we have participated.

6. Read about the vineyards and the wines.

Read about grape varieties and ideas for wine and food pairing

7. Print worksheets for children!

Print nice worksheets about vines, harvest, grapes and wines, specially designed for children. Also, you can take the online quiz!

8. View instructions how to reach us.

Navigate on the map in order to reach our winery easily.

9. Stay tuned for the news and the events of our winery.  

View our news. Also, join our Newsletter to learn everything first!

10. Join us on the social media!

Follow us today on the social media! Learn always first about new bottlings, awards, competitions, ect..!

How to taste wine - It's an art!

Wine  tasting  is the acquaintance with the wine,  the perception of its character  using our senses. We can say that there are different levels of tasting...


Greek wine

In Greece there are many wine regions such as the Peloponnese, Crete, Evea, Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace...


Greek wineries

Since 1980, Greek wine has undergone a revolution in which quality, individuality and history are the hallmarks of a new generation of Greek wine producers determined to make their mark abroad.


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