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Douloufakis Malvasia di Candia Aromatica grape wine

Douloufakis Dry wine

Aromatic | Attractive | Exotic

Light golden colour, followed by an attractive aroma. The enchanting aroma is reminiscent of lemon blossom, jasmine and some exotic fruits like passion fruit or mango. Dry flavour with refreshing acidity. Pleasant and long lasting aftertaste.

Protected Geographical Indication "CRETE"

White wine that was released in 2010. “Femina”, a wine of female character.

#FeminaDouloufakis #MalvasiaDiCandiaAromatica
Douloufakis Femina White Dry wine

Serving Femina White wine

Should be served between 9-10°C and due to its special aromatic personality, it pairs well with fish dishes like bass with fennel bulb or bream stuffed with aromatic herbs. You can also combine it with asparagus omelet. It is an asset to Asian cuisine, sweet and sour dishes and is also unforgettable with sushi. Lastly, not forgetting our beloved Cretan dishes, fresh broad beans with artichokes and aromatic herbs are nicely accompanied with a glass of Femina wine.

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Femina White Wine Vinification

Classic white vinification that takes place in stainless steel tanks, at the controlled temperature of 18°C.

Alcohol : 13.2% vol
Residual sugar: 3.1 gr/lt
Total acidity: 5.8 gr/lt
Total Sulfur: 119 mg/lt
pH: 3.34
This wine will age for up to four years.

Femina White Awards

Year Country Competition/Degustation Vintage Distinction
2024 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2023 Bronze medal
2023 U.K. Decanter 2022 Bronze medal
2020 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2018 Silver medal
2019 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2018 Bronze medal
2018 Japan Sakura 2016 Silver medal
2017 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2016 91/100
2017 U.S.A. Wine & Spirits 2016 91/100
2017 U.K. Decanter 2016 Silver medal
2017 U.S.A. TEXSOM 2016 Bronze medal
2017 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2016 Silver medal
2017 Japan Sakura 2016 Silver medal
2016 U.S.A. TEXSOM 2015 Silver medal
2016 France Tasted 100% Blind - Andreas Larsson 2015 86/100
2016 Japan Sakura 2015 Gold medal
2015 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2014 90/100
2016 U.S.A. Wine & Spirits 2015 90/100
2015 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2014 Silver medal
2015 Greece Wine & Spirits Magazine 2014 90/100
2014 Canada Wine Align - John Szabo, MS 2013 88/100
2014 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2013 90/100
2014 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2013 Gold medal
2014 Greece Wine & Spirits Magazine 2013 87/100
2013 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2011 91/100
2013 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2012 90/100
2013 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2012 Gold medal

Femina White Tasting Notes

Tasted in Country Tasted by Published on Vintage Wine tasting notes
2017 U.S.A. W&S staff 2016 An exceptionally elegant malvasia, this feels like a spring breeze, the fruit crisp and green, the scents fresh, herbal and delicately floral. Grapefruit-like acidity rides through the wine, keeping it brisk and lively, while notes of fennel and citrus bring to mind a pairing with herb-stuffed grilled fish.
2017 U.K. International Wine Competition 2016 Refined, delicate and very pure with soft floral aromas. The palate shows punchy acidity, persistence and freshness; well made.
2017 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist 2016 The 2016 Femina is all Malvasia di Candia–from Crete–unoaked, dry and coming in at 13.5% alcohol. Sourced from limestone-soil vineyards at 300 to 400 meters in altitude, this is typically aromatically invigorating, a little grassy, spicy and floral, exuberant on the nose. And it is Malvasia, which tends to have some personality. It is a sure-fire refresher in the summer, but that's not all. It has reasonable concentration for the level and excellent structure. It is tightly wound on the palate, especially now that it is young, finishing with its typical tension. One of my favorite summer refreshers, this is a can't-miss buy if you like fresh whites with personality. It may well age a bit, too (the winery advised five to seven years), but it is a fresh white that benefits greatly from its freshness, so you might not want to bother holding it very long, no matter how long it theoretically lasts.
2016 U.S.A. W&S staff 2015 There’s a succulence to this honeysuckle-scented wine that’s unusual for this perfumed grape variety, a sweet-salty play between peaches and sea spray. It’s juicy and fresh, weighted for light vegetable dishes and seafood.
2016 Canada David Lawrason, Wine Journalist 2015 This is a deeply coloured, intensely aromatic and unusual white with lifted pine/evergreen/retsina-like aromas. Which I actually like. There is also intriguing apricot, star fruit and spice. It is medium weight, with some viscosity and this very vibrant lemony sappy, bitter palate. Tasted November 2016.
2016 Canada John Szabo, MS 2015 A heavily terpenic, reductive, super-intensely-flavoured white made with the indigenous malvasia di Candia aromatica variety, aromatic to be sure, by one of Crete's leading estates. It offers some intriguing white chocolate flavours at this stage, heading into the oxidative phase of ageing - I'd drink this up soon to capture the remaining tropical fruit and heavy floral-jasmine character. For now, it's an intense ride for the money. Dry but quite rich. Tasted November 2016. Value Rating: ***
2016 Canada Michael Godel, Wine Critic 2015 One of the more interesting dry white wines you will encounter is this malvasia from Crete, so exotically perfumed and lemon intense. The purity, clarity and clean fun is just terrific here. With a big chill and a mess of grilled calamari I can’t think of much better or simpler pleasures. The acidity and the quick peppery jolt only help to enhance the jovial spirit. I could drink this all the time. Drink 2016-2017. Tasted November 2016.
2016 Canada Sara d'Amato, Wine Consultant 2015 Wonderful substance to this aromatic white offering great concentration of flavour and spot-on malvasia typicity. Its golden hue is typical of this maritime grape that has a tendency to oxidize. There is a hint of tannin that can be felt on the palate that adds intrigue and texture but no oak. A lovely saline and mineral note is matched by stone fruit, light tropical notes, Asian pear, passion fruit and tangerine on the palate. Sophisticated and compelling. Excellent value.
2016 Canada Vintages Panel - LCBO 2015 This is 100% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, a clone of the ancient Cretian Malvasia di Candia, a grape with a history that dates back beyond the 14th century and the Venetian occupation of Crete. The Aromatica clone is grown exclusively on Crete. This example is (not surprisingly) intensely aromatic. With complex pear, apricot and spice tones, this is a profoundly floral wine.
2016 France Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of The World 2007 2015 Pale colour, medium deep straw, I would say, with a slight green tinge. Very nice nose. Grapy and floral. Very much like, I would say, traditional Mediterranean varieties like Muscat or Malavasia. With notes of fresh grapes, green apple, fresh lemon and a lot of flowers. Good bite on the palate it is a medium weight, with a really mouth-watering sensation of freshness. A hint of grape skin. I mean like biting into a bunch of fresh grapes. Good purity of fruit here, so modern vinification. Nice zesty notes on the finish. Fairly long and persistent. A really pleasurable wine.
2015 U.S.A. W&S staff 2014 This presents the elegant side of malvasia, its honeysuckle florals couched in juicy peach and pear fruit, citrus acidity holding the flavors to a graceful, lithe line. It lasts on fragrance, fresh and clean. This has the structure to match fish done Sicilian-style, with raisins, pine nuts and capers.
2015 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist 2014 The 2014 Femina is the winery's unoaked Malvasia, a consistently fine performer these days that always exceeds any expectations based on the price. To be clear, it is all Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, sourced from an Italian clone and vines that are now around 20 years old. It comes in at 13.6% alcohol. It is a bit green this year, with some grassy notes. It does make the Malvasia a bit more neutral. This still makes a statement on its own terms. Underneath, it is rather full-bodied for the type and price level. It is, more importantly, crisp, refreshing and rather intense. Lingering nicely on the finish, it has the acidity to be a great food wine and the aromatics and flavors to be refreshing in the summer heat. I wasn't sure about this year's iteration at first, but it certainly grew on me in its own style and on its own terms. You will be hard pressed to do better for the modest money. It should hold a bit, but drink it young and fresh for best results.
2014 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist 2013 The 2013 Femina is Malvasia. I haven't seen many vintages of this yet, but it has quickly become one of the wines I look forward to as Greece's summer sessions begin anew each year. This year's version is expressive and elegant, with all that Malvasia flavor laced into the palate. Well structured, lively and pure, it seems to be in fine shape now. It also has the ability to hold nicely for a few years, although we should take that in stages. If it doesn’t project the pure power of some versions, the next day it was still glorious and persistent, with tension on the finish and some enlivening herbaceous hints. Drink now-2018.
2014 Canada John Szabo, MS 2013 Explosively aromatic in the Malvasia idiom, with crunchy, zesty green fruit and plenty of floral-orange blossom notes. Hard to believe this comes from Crete; it would be equally at home in Northern Italy, stylistically. Length and depth are quite impressive, and the palate is just off-dry, making it a perfect match for spicy Asian fare. In consignment.
2014 U.S.A. W&S staff 2013 This is as floral as expected for malvasia, all honeysuckle and lime. It could use a little more body to support all that aroma, so don’t chill it too hard, and pour it with fish tacos.
2013 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist 2012 The 2012 Femina is Malvasia (Malmsey in English), coming in at 13.5% alcohol. Granting that sensory memory is a fragile thing, this seems more expressive, approachable and open than last year’s model, which was very tightly wound when young (and still is). This is no wimp, though. It still shows remarkable aromatics, fine solidity in the mid-palate, intensity of flavor and a persistent finish. As did its 2011 sibling, reviewed this issue, this held effortlessly for a couple of days. Remember that Malvasia is what I like to call a “personality” grape. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who love it should swoon. This winery is relatively new on the American scene. It is entitled to some props and applause. I know I’ve been impressed. Drink now-2017.
2013 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist 2011 The 2011 Femina is Malvasia. Since I have the ‘12 in hand now, it is worth a look back at this first vintage that I saw to see how it progressed. It has held quite well. Well, ok, that’s an understatement, and it is pretty clear that this was initially underrated. It is notably better now, particularly considering how tight it was on receipt. It has come along brilliantly. A bit amber in color, it is piercing on opening, with that tightly wound, hard edged and high acid demeanor that I originally noted. Pulling it out of the fridge and sampling it quickly made it seem quite shrill. As it warmed and got closer to 60F, though, it became increasingly delicious, full bodied, aromatic and rather complex. It is a mouthful, powerful and intense—not your easy, fruity summer sipper, but a great food wine. It is more proof of the adage that people drink big whites too cold. And this is a big white. It reminded me a bit of a dry and steely Alsace Riesling (an analogy to structure and style, not flavor and aromatics, of course). Most of all, it was invigorating while increasingly expressive as it aired out. I played with this over 3 days. It never faltered, not for a moment. The combination of acidity and concentration may preserve this well, if it can avoid oxidizing. Let’s still be conservative until we get there. Drink now-2016.



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