Вино из Сорта винограда Vidiano (Видиано) от Douloufakis
Белое вино  Dafnios от Douloufakis

"Dáfnios" Белое
Сухое вино от Douloufakis

Богатый | Чистый | Элегантный

Имеет бледно золотистый цвет. В нем Доминируют ароматы персика и абрикоса, а также отголоски айвы. Присутствуют цветочные ноты ромашки, жасмина и специй. Вкус насыщен теми же доминирующими ароматами. На вкус хорошо сбалансированная кислинка, насыщенная с тонким послевкусием.

Защищенноё географическое указание "CRETE"

"Dáfnios" Белое было выпущено в 2005 году и впервые изменило свой лейбл в 2010. "Dáfnios" происходит от названия нашей деревни, "Dafnes".

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Белое сухое вино Dafnios от Douloufakis

Сервировка Белого вина Dafnios

Следует подавать при температуре 9-10°C; это вино будет прекрасным сопровождением к некоторым блюдам из рыб, таким как Солея "meuniere", Джон Дори, жареная макрель и морская форель. Оно также подходит к свинине с сельдереем, традиционной Критской свинине с луком пореем, баранине "fricassee" с салатом. Идеальный компаньон к супу из нута с лимонным соусом или салату из вареного нута с зеленью.

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Винификация Белого вина Dafnios

Классическая методика белой винификации с ферментацией в емкостях из нержавеющей стали, при температуре 18°С. Деревянные бочки в процессе брожения или созревания вина не используются.

Алкоголь: 14.3% vol
Остаточный сахар: 3.6 gr/lt
Общая кислотность: 6.6 gr/lt
Содержание серы: 95 mg/lt
pH: 3.37
Оно может быть выдержано до 5 лет. С течением времени оно приобретает совершенно иной характер. Свежие фруктовые ароматы превращаются в сливочно маслянистые, абрикосовые, дыневые, восковые, но также и кремневые ноты.
750ml, 1.5 lt, 3 lt

Dafnios White Awards

Year Country Competition/Degustation Vintage Distinction
2020 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2019 Bronze medal
2020 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2018 Silver medal
2019 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2018 88/100
2019 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2018 Silver medal
2018 France Tasted 100% Blind - Andreas Larsson 2017 90/100
2018 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2017 Silver medal
2017 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2016 90/100
2017 U.K. Decanter 2016 Silver medal
2017 U.S.A. TEXSOM 2016 Silver medal
2016 U.K. Decanter 2015 Bronze medal
2016 U.S.A. TEXSOM 2015 Silver medal
2016 France Tasted 100% Blind - Andreas Larsson 2014 87/100
2015 Australia The Real Review - Huon Hooke 2014 Bronze medal
2015 U.K. Decanter 2014 Silver medal
2015 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2014 89/100
2015 France Tasted 100% Blind - Andreas Larsson 2014 86/100
2014 Canada Wine Align - John Szabo, MS 2013 89/100
2014 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2013 89/100
2013 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2012 89/100
2012 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2011 88/100
2011 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2010 Gold medal
2009 Belgium Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2008 Silver medal
2008 Belgium Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2007 Silver medal
2008 U.K. London, IWSC 2007 Silver medal

Dafnios White Tasting Notes

Tasted in Country Tasted by Published on Vintage Wine tasting notes
2019 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2018 The 2018 Vidiano Dafnios is unoaked, dry and comes in at 13% alcohol. This has beautiful purity of fruit, as always, a sense of elegance and a fresh feel. I'm not sure it has as much power and depth as in some years, but it seems like the essence of the grape. The finish is long, tasty and delicious. At the price point, you can't go wrong.
2018 France Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of The World 2007 www.blindtasted.com 2017 Medium deep straw colour. Pure nose offering some yellow fruit, ripe citrus, some stony and floral hints. The palate has medium weight with good purity and generous fruit, peach and pear flavours with a bright freshness. Good density and length, nice character, purity and freshness.
2017 U.K. International Wine Competition www.decanter.com 2016 Honey and quince of the nose. Sweet fruit on the palate, juicy with mid palate concentration. A long finish showing good complexity.
2017 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2016 The 2016 Vidiano Dafnios is all Vidiano, unoaked and coming in at 13.7% alcohol. As clean and fresh as this is, it also showAuthors fine solidity in the mid-palate and a nice finish. Granting that it is a bit tight in its youth, its purity of fruit is rather glorious. This is not, to be sure, a wine (or grape) with much personality. It leans more to a dry, clean Chardonnay. It finishes with very little in the way of fruitiness--on other vintages, I've noted more--but it still manages to grip the palate, at least now and in its youth. It should open up a bit if you give it a few months in the cellar and it might be better in the spring of 2018. Finally, the winery and the importer advise that this can age for over 10 years, maybe as much as 15. How gracefully it will age and develop, as opposed to merely holding on, is still a question to me, though, and given variable storage conditions, let's go slow and be conservative. Take it in stages.
2016 U.K. International Wine Competition www.decanter.com 2015 The darling grape of Crete. Smells ripe and fruity with a peach and floral nose. Outstanding value at this price. A convincing answer to Viognier with racy acidity.
2016 France Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of The World 2007 www.blindtasted.com 2014 Quite good intensity here, light golden colour but still youthful, so it has a green tinge. Quite tropical nose. There is ripe fruit here, a bit more ripeness than some previous examples. More in the direction here of yellow fruit, stone fruit. There is still a good presence of fresh citrus, like lemon or lime. Really floral, with hints of apricot, yellow plum. Perhaps a bit of oak, but in that case very discreet. There is a slight hint of nuttiness or something that reminds me of something roasted. Nice palate there. Medium weight but quite broad on the palate. With lush yellow fruit, underlined by lemon and lime zest, fresh almond. The acidity is well-integrated. Quite high acidity, good sensation of freshness on the palate. Medium towards long finish. Well-rounded, really juicy with a good purity of fruit. Good drinkability today and over the few coming years.
2015 U.K. International Wine Competition www.decanter.com 2014 Mineral driven vibrant and fruity nose with charm and freshness. The big fresh fruit palate is balanced by really good juicy acidity, and has herbal tea hints adding complexity, long and really well balanced, lovely wine.
2015 France Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of The World 2007 www.blindtasted.com 2014 Medium deep straw colour, some hints of sweet citrus, almonds and nuts, good structure on the palate, pure and fresh yellow fruit with fine length and balance.
2015 France Markus Del Monego MW, Best Sommelier of The World 1998 www.blindtasted.com 2014 Bright yellow colour with green hue. Discreet nose with restrained fruit, hints of citrus fruit, apple and pear. On the palate well structured with good mouthfeel, medium weight and length.
2015 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2014 The 2014 Vidiano Dafnios is unoaked and comes in at 13% alcohol. This opened a bit on the piercing side, but as it aired and warmed, the texture became more velvety and caressing, while the fruit seemed surprisingly rich and sappy. Bursting with flavor, this is a tasty treat that is fruit-forward, but not merely fruity. It is a very nice bargain, too. If it is not quite as much of an overachiever as the winery's Femina (which has become one of my can't-miss favorites), it is no slouch in the value-for-money category. However long it theoretically holds, drink it young and fresh for best results. The more I taste wines from Douloufakis, the happier I am with them. They all seem to be overachievers. They taste great and the prices run from nice to amazing.
2014 Canada John Szabo, MS www.winealign.com 2013 Produced from 100% vidiano, one of the top white varieties on the Island of Crete, by one of it's leading proponents. The 2013 is somewhat subtle on the nose but the palate is explosively fruity and fullish, substantially flavoured and very ripe, with mostly yellow orchard fruit and some mango-guava-papaya tropical fruit. Very good length. A fine, fruity unoaked wine that runs in the same style spectrum as, say, viognier.
2014 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2013 The 2013 Vidiano Dafnios is a wonderfully fresh Vidiano with persistent flavor and lovely texture. Lively and clean, it is simply irresistible just now, completely charming and quite delicious. This is a relatively new winery on our shores, but every time I taste their whites in particular, I'm sold. When you see how fresh, enchanting and clean this Vidiano is, you may wonder why some are oaked (yet oak often does work). Each to his own, to be sure, but I think this is far more charming than the winery's own oaked Vidiano, also reviewed this issue. Drink now-2017.
2013 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2012 The 2012 Vidiano Dafnios is quite charming, pure, solid and powerful, with a lingering, crisp finish. This is a grape most don’t know, but it does pop up on Crete in various versions. It looks like it has some potential for the future. I loved the earthy, minerally undertone and its focused persistence on the finish. Tightly wound and relatively full bodied, it shows beautifully, another winner from this newly arrived (on our shores) winery and a nice deal. Drink now-2016.
2012 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2011 The 2011 Vidiano “Dafnios” is all Vidiano, indigenous to Crete. I’ve seen it elsewhere on Crete, although this is the first time seen from this winery. It is clean and crisp with a slight lemony tinge early on. With sufficient body for its price range and nice persistence on the flavorful and juicy finish, this is a wine with good purity of fruit that is refreshing, but reasonably solid and round in the mid-palate. It should function well as a summer weight white, but it can also match up to some foods. It won’t reward cellaring. Drink it young and fresh. It should be great in the summer of 2013. Drink now-2015.



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