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Book your visit for Wine tasting
at Douloufakis winery, Crete

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Experience this unique flight of six estate-crafted wines at our cellar.
Our wine selection ranges from Cretan indigenous grapes, like Vidiano and Liatiko,
to a variety of luscious international reds and whites.

Wine tasting at the tasting room of the winery, in Dafnes village.
Includes winery tour and wine tasting of 6 wines.
It is accompanied by cretan rusks.

We kindly request that children be supervised by their parents during the tasting session
to maintain a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in the tasting room.
Approximate duration: 1 hour & 20 minutes.
Yamas Estate Wine tasting Heraklion

Participants for "Euphoria" Wine Tasting at the Vineyards must be 4 or more adults.

Fill in the number of adults who would like to follow.

Your adventure will begin in our Tasting Room where you’ll embark on a 2-mile adventure
to breathtaking sites throughout the area.
Walk leisurely through the vine rows sipping wine, crafted from grapes grown on the property.
While sitting under the cottage’s shaded patio and gazing across the vineyards
you’ll savour a flight of 6 wines accompanied by local cheeses.
Celebrate in the natural beauty of the landscape while you develop a deeper understanding
of our sustainable farming practices.

Wine tasting at the vineyards of Douloufakis Winery, a few kms away from Dafnes village.
Includes wine tasting of 6 wines.
It is accompanied by cretan rusks and local cheeses.

Kids should be under parents' supervision.
Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Please note that in case of bad weather, “EUPHORIA” will be cancelled, but you could always participate in the "YAMAS" Estate Wine Tasting, in the cellar of Douloufakis Winery.
Euphoria Vineyard Wine tasting Dafnes Crete

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Taste some of the best extra virgin olive oils of Crete
and discover their unique taste.
Surprise your taste buds with 3 of the best cretan olive oils
and experience the different flavors of fruity, bitter and spicy.
Our certified specialists will be there to answer any of your questions
and will provide lots of advice on food combinations.
Add a special gastronomic pleasure to your vacation in Crete.

Approximate duration 30 minutes.
Olive oil tasting at Crete

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Accompanying platter of traditional cretan cheeses and cold cuts, enough for 2 people.
Wine accompanying platter to enjoy your wine tasting at Crete

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