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"EUPHORIA" Wine Tour & Tasting at the Vineyards
Dafnes Heraklion Crete


Walk leisurely through the vine rows sipping wine, crafted from grapes grown on the property.

EUPHORIA Wine Tasting at Douloufakis Vineyards, Dafnes, Crete

Your adventure will begin in our Tasting Room where you’ll embark on a 2-mile adventure to breathtaking sites throughout the area. While sitting under the cottage’s shaded patio and gazing across the vineyards you’ll savour a flight of 6 wines accompanied by local cheeses. Celebrate in the natural beauty of the landscape while you develop a deeper understanding of our sustainable farming practices.

Best Wine Tasting near Heraklion Crete
"EUPHORIA" Wine Tasting at the Vineyards of Douloufakis Winery

Taste Douloufakis quality wines Dafnes Crete, Greece


Fruity | Elegant | Plethoric

We produce and bottle our wines using state-of-the-art technology and suitably trained staff. We produce 21 different wines, mainly dry ones, but also medium-sweet, natural sweet and sparkling.


A few words about the quality
of Douloufakis wines

Wine is the alcoholic beverage made with the fermented juice of grapes. The grapes are crafted by hands from our own and partner vineyards, in Dafnes vine region. The terroir of our region is characterized of limestone soil and the prevailing microclimate is considered ideal for producing high quality grapes.