Douloufakis Chardonnay grape wine
Douloufakis Chardonnay White wine

"Chardonnay Douloufakis"
Douloufakis Dry wine

Generous | Complex | Buttery

Light gold colour. Rich body, buttery creamy wine of intense flavour concentration and great complexity.

Protected Geographical Indication "CRETE"

White wine that was released in 2004 as "Douloufakis Chardonnay", while its label redesigned in 2010 and 2015.

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Douloufakis Chardonnay White Dry wine

Serving Chardonnay White wine

Should be served at 9-10⁰C. Best enjoyed with white creamy sauced dishes like spaghetti carbonara or chicken a La crème. Pair it as well with a velouté pumpkin soup or Pork Loin Tarragon and stew pork with vegetables.

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Chardonnay Douloufakis White Wine Vinification

Classic white vinification with fermentation in stainless steel tanks, at a temperature of 18°C.

Alcohol : 13.72% vol
Residual sugar: 1.3 gr/lt
Total acidity: 5.7 gr/lt
Total Sulfur: 89 mg/lt
pH: 3.61
It can be aged up to 5 years. It develops a surprisingly different character over time. Fresh fruity aromas morph into toasty nuts, honey, caramel.

Chardonnay Douloufakis Awards

Year Country Competition/Degustation Vintage Distinction
2011 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2010 Silver medal
2008 France Challenge International du Vin 2007 Bronze medal
2007 France Challenge International du Vin 2006 Silver medal
2006 France Challenge International du Vin 2005 Bronze medal
2003 France Challenge International du Vin 2002 Silver medal




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