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The history of Douloufakis winery from Crete, Greece


The first steps

The grandfather Dimitris Douloufakis establishes professional winemaking in traditional premises.

Winemaker George Douloufakis 1980

From grandfather to father

Dimitris’ son, George Douloufakis, takes over the family winery.

Vineyards replanting in Dafnes after phylloxera

Vineyards replanting in Dafnes

Phylloxera is first encountered in Crete around 1977 and destroys most of the Cretan vineyards. The replanting begins in Dafnes in 1980 and lasts nearly a decade.

Cretan winemaker Nikos Douloufakis in 1993

The grandson

Nikos Douloufakis, representing the third generation in wine making, takes over the winery, after he finishes his Oenology studies at Alba's Oenological School in Piedmont, Italy (Istituto Tecnico Agrario di Stato "Umberto I" - Viticoltura ed Enologia, Alba).

Vineyard reformation

Nikos continues the reformation of privately owned vineyards, that his father had started. He develops single-varietal vineyards from indigenous Cretan varieties, such as Liatiko, but also plants international varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauv. and Chardonnay. He introduces modern cultivation techniques by modifying some of the traditional ones, like in pruning and altering the harvesting dates.

New equipment  at Douloufakis Winery 1996

Modernization of the Winery

Nikos adopts a modern production strategy using state-of-the-art machinery. The winery gets equipped with stainless steel tanks, pumps, crushers, etc., increasing its production capacity.

First bottling at Douloufakis winery 1997

The first bottling

The first bottling of two wines takes place in 750ml bottles: A red dry of Liatiko, Dafnes PDO and a white dry wine of Sauvignon Blanc.

Discovering Vidiano grape variety 2000

Discovering Vidiano

Vidiano draws Nikos’ attention. He seeks and finds vines of this almost extinguished autochthon variety and plants new vineyards. From then on his experience begins, firstly with the cultivation and later with the vinification of it.
This variety would be a landmark for the winery and a challenge for the winemaker as well as a source of inspiration and creativity.

Organic farming

Certified organic farming methods are applied on the privately owned vineyards, supervised by a competent organization. Five years later, that is in 2006, five of our labels will be certified as organic farming products.

Douloufakis winery cellar with barrels

Facilities’ expansion

The winery's facilities are expanded into a second building. A barrel cellar is created there for the maturation of wines.

Nationwide presence

The winery ensures its dynamic presence nationwide, by establishing a collaboration with a leading beverage distribution company.

Exports around the world

The wines set foot in European and other countries, such as US, Australia, Japan etc.

International distinctions of Douloufakis winery Decanter

International distinctions

In 2013 "Aspros Lagos" red wine, 2010 vintage, is awarded a "Grand Gold" medal in Thessaloniki International Wine & Spirits Competition. For the next years, more distinctions will follow, such as SAKURA international wine competition in Japan, the British wine magazine "Decanter" and later, the American Wine Magazine "Wine Enthusiast". The distinctions of our wines go on to the present day.

The development

The winery keeps developing, implementing creative ideas and using state-of-the-art equipment. New planting and reforming of vineyards continues to date, since the quality of the wine is determined there. The fourth generation is expected to carry on the family tradition.