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Douloufakis Vidiano grape natural wine

"Amphora Vidiano" White
Douloufakis Natural wine

Raw wine | Orange | Food wine

Citrus and herbaceous aromas. Its flavour reminds of orange jam and bergamot. Colour varies from yellow to slightly orange. Full and tannic body. It has not been filtered, therefore has a noticeably turbidity and a possible thin layer of sediment.

Protected Geographical Indication "CRETE"



"VIDIANO AMPHORA" was launched in 2016. This wine was vinificated in almost the same way wine was produced in Crete 4.000 years ago.

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Amphora Vidiano White Dry wine

Serving Amphora Vidiano White wine

Should be served, at 10-12⁰C. The distinct aromatic character of sweet citrus fruits with hints of honey and spices is wonderfully combined with roasted salmon marinated in an orange-herb mixture. It could also be combined with roasted aubergine slices with thyme and honey vinaigrette, as well as with lamb chops in a spice crust. Another great combination is pork leg, roast, with quinces, honey and mustard glaze.

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Amphora Vidiano White Wine Vinification

Vinification in traditional Cretan jars (pithoi) of 250-300lt, without adding yeast and with the minimal amount of sulfur. After 3 months of extraction and after separation, the wine remained for 2 more months in the pithoi. Afterwards, the wine matured for 4 months in stainless steel tanks.

Alcohol : 14.6% vol
Residual sugar: 2.7 gr/lt
Total acidity: 5.3 gr/lt
Total Sulfur: 15 mg/lt
pH: 3.49
It can be aged for up to 5 years.

Amphora Vidiano White Awards

Year Country Competition/Degustation Vintage Distinction
2018 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2016 90/100

Amphora Vidiano Tasting Notes

Tasted in Country Tasted by Published on Vintage Wine tasting notes
2018 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist 2016 The 2016 Vidiano Amphora was aged for four months in used French oak and comes in at 13% alcohol. Vinification was first in amphorae, however, for a total of five months. In my tasting note on the regular Vidiano, I reported that this grape was on its way to fame and glory. Amphorae wines are becoming trendy, too, but this is also more on the "orange wine" side of the spectrum, cloudy and dramatically different. How adventurous are you? I personally liked it a lot, but it is one of those "about the process" wines where the eccentricity overwhelms most other issues. That makes it hard to score as there isn't much of a benchmark in mind. You'll either like it or you won't. The nose reminded me of a Dry White Port, and that nuance followed through on the palate a little. I like Dry White Port, so I was happy. Your mileage may differ, but this does have nice freshness, wonderful grip on the finish and a dry, serious feel. There's also a bit of an oxidative nuance. Don't drink it on its own. Pair it with something compatible—maybe certain cheeses. You'll have to decide what you like. Sometimes these age well, sometimes not. I'd say this can hold nicely for a few years, but let's start here and take this in stages.